I’m so excited to announce that I’m starting two podcasts in 2018 for restaurant servers and bartenders.

The first, to begin January 1, will focus on:

–Helping youdeal with the issues that irritate you day in and day out at your job

–Feel better going to work everyday

–Gain the skills you need to make great money in the service industry


The second, to begin March 15, will focus on helping a certain segment of servers and bartenders who feel stuck in their jobs to:

–Stop beating yourself up for where you are right now

–Discover what you want your life to look like

–Make a plan to get there, and commit to it

–Move forward through ups and downs, stay the course, and go where you want to go


My coaching philosophy is best summed up by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.  “All the guidance you will ever need is within you now. Nobody else has all the answers for you. It doesn’t matter if you hire the best coach in the universe, they will only be able to guide you to yourself for your own answers. There’s no coach that knows your dreams and the path you need to follow to achieve them. You are your own coach, your own guide, your own wisdom–you and the infinite wisdom that flows through you at this very moment.”

All that I teach is geared towards helping you unlock this wisdom. I can help you see that you’re not stuck. I can help you remove obstacles to seeing your path clearly. But I cannot ever tell you what’s best for you.  That’s your job.
If you haven’t read my short book which applies my coaching principles to dealing with assholes, read it here.  It’ll tell you a bit about how we can change our lives by merely changing our minds.